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        Supply Chain Operation

        In 1998, C&D Corporation set up Xiamen C&D Inc. based on its former trade and logistics businesses. On June 16, 1998, Xiamen C&D Inc. went listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock name: C&D Inc.; stock code: 600153). After over ten years of exploration and development, C&D Inc. has transformed from a company only involving trade and logistics into a modern service company pillared by supply chain operation and real estate development. It provides customers with supply chain value-added service and comprehensive service in real estate, with its "Professional, High-efficiency, High-quality and Trustworthy" service idea.

        The supply chain operation of C&D Inc. mainly provides the customers with "one-stop" supply chain services including purchase, in-depth logistics, sales and settlement, so as to satisfy the more complicated business requirements of the customers; currently, 10 core businesses in supply chain operation has been formed, namely, pulp & paper products, iron & steel products, mineral products, agricultural products, light textile products, chemical products, mechanical & electrical products, automobile, wine products and logistics services.

        Paper & Pulp Products
        The biggest supply chain operator of woods, pulp and paper in China
        Iron & Steel Products
        A professional supply chain operator of iron and steel
        Mineral Products
        A professional supply chain operator of mineral products
        Agricultural Products
        A professional supply chain operator of agricultural products
        Light Textile Products
        A professional supply chain operator of light textile products
        Chemical Products
        A professional supply chain operator of chemical products
        Mechanical & Electrical Products
        A professional supply chain operator of mechanical & electrical products
        An excellent automobile sale and service company in China
        Wine Products
        The most competitive supply chain service provider
        of medium- and high-end wines in China
        Logistics Service
        One of the Top 100 Suppliers of Comprehensive Logistics in China
        Operating Unit


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